Gudni Gudnason

Spiritual Leader, Kabbalist, Artist, Musician, Poet, Businessman
Father & Husband

Living a Miraculous Life

Those who have met Gudni Gudnason will speak about his unique combination of a deep presence, endless compassion for humanity, infectious charisma, and an unyielding focus on his higher calling. Gudni’s relentless humanitarian drive to improve the conditions for all people and to usher in a new era for human evolution has made him a successful leader a number of industries and communities. Never satisfied with what is readily available, Gudni Gudnason is best known for being a trailblazer and accomplishing what would seem impossible.

Gudni and his wife, fashion and jewelry designer Eiko Gudnason, spend much of the year traveling the world producing events, doing business, and teaching. When they have time off, they enjoy their lovely home in Tokyo, Japan, which they share with their beloved cats Haniel and Neo.

Current Projects & Positions

  • The Modern Mystery School, Founder
    An international school for advanced spiritual training in the ancient tradition of King Salomon the Wise with tens-of-thousands of students and hundreds of affiliated centers in over 40 countries.
  • Fusion for Peace Productions, Owner & CEO
    An event production and music publishing and distribution company focusing producing events in Japan and East Asia.
  • Golden Pyramid of Peace, Founder & CEO
    A non-profit foundation created to bring direct relief in the form of needed supplies and technologies to the people in and near Fukashima, Japan after one of the largest tsunami disasters in recorded history.